Working with clients through psychotherapy

Each client, and their story, is different and unique. There are no clichés.

In listening to a story I am attentive and focused on every word a client utters. In this way I am able to feed back what I am hearing overtly and also the hunches I gain from their nuance. This attentiveness directs me to the real meaning of the client’s world – their world, not a world contaminated by my own experience of life. In listening, I am not waiting for them to finish in order to launch into my own diatribe, a mistake so common in a field where guru status is rife.

Each person is, in their own way, trying to understand their world and how it came to be so. Often dysfunctional. It is much too common for adult clients with traumatic pasts that there was little or no emotional support or acknowledgement of what had happened. To bear witness to a client’s distressing and traumatic early life is the mainstay of psychotherapy and hence a healing, curative process. Sadly, many people negate their own past, believing it was in no way the prelude to what they are now suffering.

Every person who arrives at my practice is wanting an enriched, fuller life. These lives have been derailed by a history of discounting. Sometimes these things are not overtly traumatic (though often they are), making it is easier to discount them. All too often I hear that divorce (acrimonious or not), illness and/or loss of a parent, bullying, sibling rivalry, even immigration, are not considered reason enough to believe there is something left behind creating the dysfunction in their ‘today’ lives.

I hope with this website, a blog and my pending book I am able to bring you a wealth of knowledge about the fascinating world of psychotherapy.

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