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 Psychotherapy enables us to discover the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we have absorbed unconsciously from our families as we grow from infancy to adolescence.

The role of psychotherapy is to dissect these thoughts, feelings and behaviours so that we can live a life without dysfunction, or “contamination”, resulting in clearer knowledge and enhanced lives.

Depressed? Suffering anxiety? Living a life of addictive behaviour … spending money, self-harming, overindulging in food, sex, gambling, alcohol, drugs or other self-destructive thoughts, feelings or behaviours?

If you are exploring or considering some form of intervention, this website could be a great place to begin your expedition. The pages within this site look at psychotherapy in detail – as a means towards improved emotional and mental health

There are many options in the journey towards improved thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The hope is that you will find within this site a frank and understandable insight into the world of psychotherapy through the eyes of a working psychotherapist.

Follow me as I traverse the murky and often controversial territory of outlining the differences between the many professions working in this field. These include but are not restricted to counselling, coaching, psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy.

Perhaps a good description of psychotherapy is that it is the attainment of our real Self.

As a result of a journey within the framework of ‘psychotherapy proper’, we become a Self – not simply thinking, feeling and behaving from archaic information gleaned and absorbed in our early childhood.

While most descriptions of the Self refer to the conscious state of our being, in the context of psychotherapy we refer to the Self as a person who no longer operates from a ‘conscious’ state without knowing aspects of how their ‘unconscious’ feeds their every thought, feeling and behaviour.

Psychotherapy enables us to discover the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we have unconsciously absorbed from our families as we grow from infancy to adolescence and often beyond.

This process begins at a very early stage, when we are, in fact, on autopilot.

The role of psychotherapy is to dissect the thoughts, feelings and behaviours, learned from that ‘autopilot’ time that are dysfunctional, or ‘contaminated’.

Locating the ones that are not useful to daily life is often difficult for us to discern on our own.

The ultimate aim is to live a life without the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that do not serve us well. 

As a result we become empowered and can operate with a clearer knowledge and control of ourselves and our behaviours.

Delving Deeper

The problems surrounding deficient mental health are now widespread and worsening.

We are seeing ever-increasing violence, drug and alcohol use, family breakdown, unemployment, depression, prevalent addictions and, sadly, people killing themselves – behaviours that are now of pandemic proportion.
At the same time, we are seeing an impoverishment of the mental health system that is leading to its failure to adequately address the problems it sets out to solve, in many cases making them worse.
In Delving Deeper: Understanding diverse approaches while exploring psychotherapy, Jo Frasca brings you a frank and understandable insight into the world of psychotherapy, through the eyes of thinking, working, reflective practitioner. 

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