There’s much talk about psychotherapy and the talking cure.
We are increasingly wanting to know more about our own Modus Operandi. I am heartened to see an increase in self-exploration.
And I’m not talking about a psychic card reader, or self-help workshops, nor a superficial interpretation of the self.
I am talking about a real and complete in-depth investigation into what runs one’s engine.

I have a sense, social media has become one of the main factors driving and informing people about how to learn, grow and develop the Self. This has become so common people are often referred to as ‘influencers’.

Sadly, I am not seeing all ‘influencers’ as a good thing though.

While psychotherapy has a presence on these platforms, and on the internet, is not shown in its complete form… psychotherapy ‘proper’ as it is often referred to.
You might be surprised to know that psychotherapy is not about strategies, plans, goal setting (other than planning to get to the session each week … or more often), reading self-help and implementation of cognitive behavioural tasks.

It is about a full and in-depth analysis of the Self, with the Self, on a journal with a properly qualified psychotherapy practitioner.

Unless one is going into the long, tedious, in-depth, introspection that is the nature of psychotherapy, it is not psychotherapy.
For more information on psychotherapy proper please click this link to my website where I discuss this topic in more detail.

Having said that it is often the journey of self-help, CBT etc that leads someone into psychotherapy. One of the things that ‘lead’ me to training in psychotherapy is a blog I will post shortly.

An initial part of that journey was a workshop I attended very early on in my expedition into this field. This workshop is run around the world in the same manner.
It has the same name and requires standardised qualifications to facilitate it. We call it TA101.

Basically this means that it is a 101 teaching in the understanding of Transactional Analysis. What actually happens in this two-day course is that we use a sort of coding and language to looking at and analyse aspects of ourselves.
This helps understand how we interact with others and inevitable how we were in our families.

At the Australian Centre for Integrative Studies, we endeavour to run this course several times per year.
The last one for this year is coming up on the 19
th and 20th of October 2019.

Please click this link to book the workshop and read more about this course.

Added to that, if you want to know more about psychotherapy you may like to download my book.


The key things you might expect to learn and experience in this workshop are:

  • Learning an interpretive psychological framework, where you will be able to analyse the way you are in relationship/s with yourself and others.
  • Improve and develop ways of communicating with understanding your own communication style and platform.
  • Deepen your understanding of the other person’s communication back to you.
  • Learning the concepts and theory that underpin this learning activity.
  • The ability to learn how to constructively dialogue and tell people how you feel about them, their behaviour, and yourself in that relationship.

As a result of this workshop, you can expect that you will become a part of a larger international community using this understanding, communication, language and theory.

This workshop lends itself to a wide variety of groups that relate, live and work in any interpersonal communication (which basically means everyone).

You might even find it useful to do this workshop with a friend partner or relative.

Please find this link for further information and to book your workshop.